sacred languages

By Giuli Sommantico

   The art works of Martin Vaneskeheian that make up Sacred Languages exhibition acknowledge a path walked like a search, with an intention of exploration. For this reason, in the approaches to the specific languages o f textile art, stone sculpture, miniature painting, or contemporary graphics, guided by a logic that is not linear, continuity is perceived at the same time, which is assumed to have a very old origin. These languages, which dialogue with each other in a mysterious way, speak of a particular way of seeing the world.

   As it often happens with all languages, when the artist enters them, he also begins to vitally share that same worldview. A worldview that speaks of the intimate relationship of man with nature, which celebrates fertility, creation, sensuality, beauty, life in all its forms. The symbols that are created and recreated do not have a merely decorative purpose, they carry an intention, they transmit information, and they communicate knowledge.

   By appropriating the artist of this communication, he reworks it, reinterprets it. And this is perhaps the greatest motivation that can be cued on the artist: to transmit, with a spirit of celebration of the Armenian cultural heritage, this rereading of the same message, which, through time (and distances), transfers knowledge, builds civilization.